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Marie Ghislaine Desir

 Writer. Author. Storyteller. Social Justice Advocate.

Bienvenue to my website. As a Mother,  a Writer, an Author, a Creative Innovator, and a Social Justice Advocate, I envision a world where malfeasance, race, and social status will no longer be linked to determine a citizen's worth in society.  For years, I have used my different God's given talents to advocate for, to guide, and to encourage each and everyone in my path leading them to better comprehend their purpose in life. My goal is to continue to be a voice for the voiceless while promoting society's individual worthiness irrespective of race, gender, age, or social status. Below you can read some of my writing.


About the Author

I enjoy descriptive writing because it has the ability to depict a place, an even, or any life story almost as vivid as an artist would do in a canvas. However, I prefer narrative writing as it allows the storyteller (whether from personal experiences or others') not only to school but also to inspire the reader-all while entertaining. I am passionate about making a difference in others' life; as a result, I am always willing to share my experiences even if just for the sake of learning.

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"If you practice listening to your heart, you might be able to also hear your soul's cry."


Marie Ghislaine Desir


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