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The Real Story

Marie Ghislaine Desir is extremely proud and excited to share her latest work Owning My MIistakes: My Undies Should Fit Now. As a project, it might have been a lengthy one; but it was worth it as I believe my story is one that really needed to be told.

Owning My Mistakes: My Undies Should Fit Now

It took a long time to complete this project; it's finally here. Owning My Mistakes: My Undies Should Fit Now, is the first title in a series to come from Marie Ghislaine Desir. Order your copy today.

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Marie’s Vision

Check out the latest work by Marie Ghislaine Desir.

Marie's vision is to take you to her birthplace, Haiti using her talented storytelling ability, and the benefit for the readers is an enjoyable page-turner deemed to allow you to feel as if you were experiencing the journey.